Influence of medicine “Cordyceps & Lingzhi” and its fractions on some indexes of immune system, tumor growth and survival of mice with Ehrlich’s carcinoma

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S. P. Veselsky
R. S. Dovgiy
V. N. Svyatetska
M. P. Rudyk
V. V. Pozur
A. N. Makarenko


Fungotherapy is a well-developed method of therapy in East Asia. Nowadays there is the search and study of the main active substances with different pharmacological activities from higher fungi takes place.  The aim of our study was to compare the immunomodulatory and antitumor activity of the medicine "Cordyceps and Lingzhi" and water-and fat-soluble fractions derived from it. In vitro studies conducted using cells obtained  from outbred mice. In vivo studies conducted on Balb/c mice. Functional activity of phagocytes was determined using the nitroblue tetrazolium test. The reaction of lymphoid organs was measured by indexes of their relative weight and relative cellularity. The presence of immunomodulating activity of “Cordyceps & Lingzhi” medicine water and fat soluble fractions was shown. Changes of oxygen-dependent metabolism were the most reliable, they were increased at addition of analyzed fractions in all concentrations. Nevertheless, application of non-fractionated medicine “Cordyceps & Lingzhi” had more marked effects in almost all investigated parameters, such as oxygen-dependent metabolism (19-fold increase at addition of 100 mkg/ml of medicine, as compared to control), indexes of lymphoid organs (1,5-fold increase of relative weight of lymph nodes), dynamics of tumor growth (statistically significant inhibition of tumor growth by 24% as compared to control).

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