Lipid ratio in the bile of male rats under the influence of estrone

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O. V. Borovec
E. M. Reshetnik
S. P. Veselsky
M. Yu. Makarchuk


Introduction. Bile formation is a complex physiological and biochemical process. Bile formation regulated by many physiological factors. Hormones play an important role in regulating the formation and secretion of bile. The secretion of bile is carried liver cells – hepatocytes and cholangiocytes. These cells are sensitive to regulatory impact of sex hormones. It is known that estrogens affect on the composition of bile. We also know that women often suffer from cholelithiasis and cholestatic liver injury. It should be noted that estradiol regulates lipid metabolism in the whole body and liver cells in particular. So we investigate the role of estrogen in the regulation of metabolic transformation and transport of lipids in the liver cells. Nowadays the least studied effects are estrone effects on the liver. In addition, the role of estrogen in the regulation of functions hepato-biliary system in males are still not well studied.

Purpose. The purpose of our study was to investigate the effect of estrone on the secretion of bile lipids in male rats.

Methods. In the article the analysis of estron influence on the bile lipids secretion in the rats males is carried. Influence of estron (8 mkg per 100 g of body weight, intraportal, once in the acute experiment) on secretion of the bile lipids was studied in the acute experiments in male rats. The concentrations of the five fractions of lipids in the rat bile (phospholipids, cholesterol, cholesterol esters, free fat acids and triglycerides) were determine in the six samples of the bile using thin layer chromatography.

Results. Еstrone in male rats reduces concentration of phospholipids (by 23,0 – 24,7% relative to control) and cholesterol (by 13,5 – 24,2% relative to control) in the bile of male rats. But estrone increases the concentration of free fatty acids (by 45,2 – 96,7% relative to control) and esters of cholesterol (by 52,8 – 70,7% relative to control) in bile of male rats. Estron didn’t influenced on the concentration of the triglycerides in rats bile. Lipid fractions significantly changed under the influence of estrone. Holato-cholesterol ratio bile male rats, which affected estrone, more than animals in the control group.

Originality. It was revealed that estron decrease the concentration of phospholipids and cholesterol in the bile of male rats. But the concentration of free fatty acids and esters of cholesterol in bile male rats significantly exceeds the control values under the influence of estron. Also we found that holato-cholesterol coefficient of male rats bile under the influence of estron increased compared with the control. Thus, it was shown that estron modifies physiological and biochemical processes of lipid metabolism in the liver of male rats and affects the secretion of bile lipids.

Conclusion. Thus, estron influence on hepatic metabolism, transport and secretion of the lipids into the male rats bile. Estron does not increase lithogenic characteristics of the male rats bile.

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