The settlements of the Coal Tits (Parus ater) in the artificial nest boxes near the suburbs of the Sokyrno village in Cherkasy region and oblast

I. A. Fareniy


Introduction. The article analyses the capacity of this kind of birds to use artificial nest boxes and latest construction on the ground of 13 coal tits’ settlements coal. It is alleged that the named tits view favorably perceives artificial nest boxes, and generally not fussy to their quality. The accumulation of knowledge on attracting coal tits is important.

The purpose of the article is to analyze the settlement of the coal tits in the artificial nest boxes on the territory of Cherkasy region (Ukraine) and complete the picture with its attracting knowledge.

Methods. Attracting coal tits in artificial nest boxes near the suburbs of the Sokyrno village in Cherkasy region (Ukraine). From 2009 to 2015 were recorded 13 cases of coal tits’ settlement in artificial nest boxes. Birds used 9 artificial nesting. Their sizes provide in sight on the requirements of these birds to the nesting sites.

Results. The author confirms that the type of coal tits benevolently perceive the artificial nest boxes. Based on the settlement data corresponding to these tits nesting shelters, the optimal size for the bottom of these birds is about 80 cm². The depth of nesting, apparently, should be in the range of 11.5-12.5 cm, maximum 15 cm. Suitable notches - 3 cm in diameter or slightly larger, with the birds can settle in “tit-houses” with a hole diameter of 2.5 cm, which creates ability to attract this bird in landscaped areas where sparrows, which claim to artificial shelters will stop the small size of the flight holes.

Originality. The author determines the sizes of the coal tits that differ to the scientific opinion. The difference of the results can be caused by the local specific biology of black tits or by the other reasons, that will be clarified in the subsequent research.


Conclusions. The coal tits inhabit different types of artificial nest boxes. The most suitable for them is nesting place for nesting tits. However, the results obtained require adjustments in the course of further research.


Coal Tit; artificial nest boxes; breeding; Cherkasy region; Ukraine


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