Strengthening of econet structural elements of eastern Novgorod-Seversky Polissya by creating new natural protected areas

M. Iu. Skliar, Iu. L. Skliar


Despite the fact that at this moment the main structure of the econet of Ukraine territory is already known, it is still important to continue the work on structuring it. It is necessary to enhance the network elements with territories which would have defined nature conservation status and protection regime. So the question about identification and study of natural systems, objects, perspective for conservation does not lose its relevance.

Had been investigated some forests of Olynske Forestry of State Enterprise "Sveske Forestry", located in the far east of Ukrainian Polissya. Identify of areas, which are promising to provide them protection status and assessment of their biodiversity carried out in accordance with generally accepted geobotanical methods. Assessment of populations of rare species of plants accompanied by a study of their ontogenetic and vitality structure, density of plants in populations with using modern approaches.

Represented an information about three new objects of nature reserve fund in Sumy region which are projected: reserve "Krinichki", natural monuments "Olynska" and "Turanivski spruce." Total area of the projected reserve "Krinichki" is 94.9 hectares. That territory mostly occupied with the group of association Quercetum (roboris) convallariosum (majalis). Age of the forestry plantations is over 100 years. There are species which are the Red Book of Ukraine: Epipactis helleborine (L.) Crantz, Platanthera bifolia (L.) Rich. and Lycopodium annotinum L. Epipactis helleborine is founding in a large quantities. In some areas its density varies from two to five individuals per 1 m2. Locus of Platanthera bifolia and Lycopodium annotinum are numerically small, occur sporadically. Also found one species listed in the list of species of plants, animals and fungi, which are subject to special protection on the territory of Sumy region – Digitalis grandiflora Mill. It is unevenly distributed in the grouping with a separate clumps that tend to a lighted area. These curtains usually consist of 5 - 10 individuals with high vitality, well-bloom and bear fruit.

The territory proposed for the creation of natural monuments "Olynska" has an area of 2.2 hectares. It is occupied by group of association Quercetum (roboris) varioherbosum. Age of the forestry plantations is over 130 years. There are four species of herbaceous plants that require special protection at this territory. Among them, one species - Digitalis grandiflora - guarded at the regional level and three species listed in the Red Book of Ukraine: Epipactis helleborine, Platanthera bifolia, Lilium martagon. Ontogenetic spectra of Epipactis helleborine, Platanthera bifolia, Lilium martagon  are not complets which is their characteristic feature.  There are present only virhinilni and generative plants. Digitalis grandiflora spread in the grouping in the same way as at the reserve "Krinichki". Curtain composed of high vitality plants.

“Turanivski spruces” – two trees of Рісеа abies (L.) H. Karst – which are proposed for granting the status of natural monuments, grows on the edge of a pine plantation. Age of two trees is over 120 years. The height of the trees is 35 - 36 m, girth of the first tree at breast height is 295 cm, of the second one is 352 cm, and their diameter at stump height is respectively 95 and 112 cm. The crown of the trees is column, dense, almost even on all sides, width is 8 - 8.5 m. Every year they are forming a large number of cones and seeds. Protected area has to be at least 0.03 hectares.

The territories, which are proposed to include to natural reserve fund of Sumy region, are important for the formation of local econet of the eastern part of Novgorod-Seversky Polissya. Had been learned the species composition of flora and condition of vegetation at those territories. Besides rare species of plants, important components of biodiversity are also native species of autochthonous dendroflora (Quercus robur, Рісеа abies) which has to be protected because they are listed in MSOP Red List. Based on the analysis of natural systems and biodiversity for projected areas of natural reserve fund had been defined the basic requirements for use and protection regimes.




Nature Reserve Fund; econet, biodiversity; protection of ecosystems; reserve; natural monuments


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