Rarities of Middle Dnieper's cultivated dendroflora

O. V. Spriahailo


Introduction. Among the plants which are used as components of artificial phytomeliorative systems, there are species which in native conditions are influenced of threats of various levels, thereby having the status of rare or endangered. Engaging those species into green building allows to save the unique plants ex situ and, if necessary, can be used for their reintroduction into natural cenoses.

Purpose. Evaluate the degree of representation of sozologically valuable species of world dendroflora as a part of greenery planting objects of Middle Dnieper.

Methods. Analysis of region’s taxonomic composition of rarities of cultivated dendroflora was executed on the base of survey of 75 park facilities. Inventorisation of existing plantations was performed by route surveys.

Results. The original researches found that in the composition of region’s cultivated dendroflora there are 66 species (42 – representatives of Pinophyta and 24 – Magnoliophyta), listed in the Red List of IUCN, the European Red List, regional red lists of Cherkasy and Kyiv regions, and - the Red Book of Ukraine. Most rarities of region’s cultivated dendroflora grow in the botanical garden of Cherkasy National University, in plantings of dendroparks in villages Vasyutyntsi (Chornobai district) and Lozovatka (Shpolyanskiy district). 22 of the identified species belong to the relicts of different periods. 23 species considered as endemic.

Originality. For the first time estimated the degree of representation sozologically valuable species of world dendroflora as a parts of objects of greenery planting of Middle Dnieper and the ability to use separate parks as reservates of sozologically valuable species of woody plants.

Conclusion. As part of region’s cultivated dendroflora there are species listed in the Red Book of Ukraine (8), the IUCN Red List (53), the European Red List (3), Red lists of Cherkasy (3) and Kiev (5) regions. Most of sozologically valuable species grow in the botanical garden of Cherkasy National University, in plantings of dendroparks in villages Vasyutyntsi (Chornobai district) and Lozovatka (Shpolyanskiy district), so declared objects are suggested to use as reservates of genetic material for reproduction and distribution of rare plant species.


dendroflora cultivated; sozologiya; biodiversity; protection of ex situ; Red Book; rarities; endemics; relicts


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