Associate professor V. A. Minaeva celebrates 75 years from her birthday

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Yu. A. Shaforost
V. I. Boyko
O. A. Lut


Introduction. This article covers the main periods of life, scientific and pedagogical activity of the candidate of chemical sciences, associate professor of Cherkasy national university – Valentina Olexandrivna Minaeva.

Purposе. The main purpose of this review is to illucidate the creative life path-way of the associate professor V. O. Minaeva during 50 years of her scientific carrier. In the article there are reflected the significant achievements of the scientist and her contribution in the field of analytical chemistry and IR spectroscopy of steroid hormons, O2 binding by hemoglobin and oxidative phosphorylation processes. The materials of the article and the list of references acquaint the readers with the directions of scientific activity and with scientific interests of the scientist, which include quantum chemistry and investigations of the molecular oxygen spin effects during biological oxidation.

Methods. Results being described and discussed in this article are obtained by quantum-chemical methods (DFT, MC SCF, MRCI, TDDFT, linear and quadratic response in CASSCF method) and by experimental studies with the FT-IR, Raman and UV-vis spectroscopy methods.

Results.Three main groups of V. O. Minaeva studies are discussed here; (i) theoretical analysis of IR and Raman spectra of steroid hormons including THz applications, (ii) calculations of spin-orbit coupling effects in O2 molecule and in its enzymatic reactions, (iii) studies of absorption and luminescence spectra of organic semiconductors used in emitter layer of light emitting diodes (OLEDs). The results of associate professor V. O. Minaeva studies are well cited in the world science. According to the world agency “Googlr Scholar” the associate professor V. O. Minaeva has the Hirsch index h=22 and the total number of 1348 citations (879 since 2015 year). According to  "Scopus" Minaeva V. O. has the Hirsch rating h = 19.

Originality. Electronic mechanisms of dioxygen activation by glucose oxidases, by mono- and di-oxygenases through electron transfer from FAD cofactor or from substrate itself to superoxide ion are the first physically well-grounded mechanisms of overcoming spin prohibition in biological oxidation. The role of low-frequency vibrations ofsteroid hormons(including the THz applications) is shown and explained for the first time. The detailed analysis of FTIR and Raman spectra of numerous heterocirculenes is also an original contribution and achievement of ChNU chemical group led by V. O. Minaeva.

Conclusion. Valentyna Oleksandrivna Minaeva has spent more than thirty years of her scientific and pedagogical activity to the teaching and training of highly qualified chemists-analysts, which are working in schools, scientific and research-production laboratories of Cherkasy region, as well as behind and throughout Ukraine. Associate Professor Minaeva made a significant contribution to the establishment of the Cherkasy School of Analytical and Physical Chemistry, Molecular Spectroscopy, as evidenced by her scientific publications – more than half hundred articles in the Scopus-registered journals (some of them are presented in Refs. [1-33]), 3 monographs, 15 textbooks and about a thousand citations. The main achievements include analysis of IR, visible and ultraviolet (UV) spectra of steroid hormons, metal complexes of iridium and ruthenium, xanthenes, rhodanides and a big new class of [8]circulene compoundss. During last 10 years V. O. Minaeva has based her quantum calculations on the density functional theory (DFT) for the force fields of steroid hormones; their IR spectra became the hallmark of our university in respect to hormones vibrational spectroscopy, in analysis of hormone–receptor interaction and recognition. Introduction of terahertz radiofrequency techniques for the studies of steroid hormones low-frequency IR spectra together with their Raman scattering measurmentsprovide an innovative step in this important branch of the medico-biological science.

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