Comparative analysis of Limax species morphological and anatomical features

T. M. Chernyshova


The study's result of variability of morphological and anatomical parameters of the four types of the genus Limax has revealed that these four types differ significantly on morphological parameters of the distal portions of the reproductive system. The discriminant analysis has proved the results. Overall level of discrimination is high enough with only L. ecarinatus virtually not discriminated, thus most of its specimens are attributed to L. flavus. A correlation with the highest level of canonical functions reveals features that are associated with the length of the penis and oviduct. Thus, all pairs of species are accurately identified by the absolute and relative length of the penis, except L. flavus and L. ecarinatus, which differ in absolute and relative length of the oviduct. These species also differ by the appearance pecularities (background colours of the body and the sole, mantle and back drawing. It was found that L. maximus and L. cinereoniger differ from one another quite reliably, although there is considerable variation in these traits within each species. As for L. flavus and L. ecarinatus they are almost indistinguishable from one another by appearance pecularities, but are clearly distinguished by the structure of the distal portions of the reproductive system


species; Limax genus; morphological; reproductive system; discriminant analysis


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