Aging peculiarities of stress resistance in elite athletes

G. V. Korobeynikov, L. G. Korobeinikova, T. M. Richok, V. S. Mischenko


In last decade Olympic sports are characterized by the presence of «older» athletes who have reached high athletic results. The purpose of the study was to research the age peculiarities of stress resistance and psycho-emotional states in elite wrestlers.A total of 19 elite athletes (different age), members of the Ukrainian National Team in Greco-Roman wrestling were examined. The perception and processing of visual information, the balance of the nervous system and psycho-emotional stability were studied.The deterioration of neurodynamic functions in emotional stress situations was more evident in older age group comparing with the younger age group due to age weakening of afferent system of information perception, analysis, and processing. The connection between the age in elite athletes and stress resistance to psycho-emotional tension was recorded. In particular, it reflected in considerable changes in heart rate regulation in older age group comparing with younger age group where the optimal reaction of heart rate regulation to psycho emotional tension was observed.


age; stress resistance; elite wrestlers; psycho-emotional states; neurodynamic functions; functionality


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