Aging Peculiarities of psychophysiological state in elite athletes

L. G. Korobeinikova, O. B. Zapovitriana, V. S. Mischenko


Purpose. The aim of the work was to study the aging peculiarities of psychophysiological state of elite athletes.

Methods Were surveyed 26 athletes, members of the national team of Ukraine in Greco-Roman wrestling at the age of 22-34 years, and 15 wrestlers, members of the youth national team of Ukraine on Greco-Roman wrestling at the age of 19-21 years.Psychophysiological state was investigated by tests: Luscher, "perceptual speed" endurance of the nervous system, the balance of nervous processes, the functional mobility of nervous processes .

Results. The study peculiarities of psychophysiological states are shows that  highly skilled fighters of different age groups in terms of training activity has the differences between the groups of juniors (19-21 years), young (22-25 years) and older (26-34 years) athletes.Revealed that the wrestlers older age group (26-34 years) are different from the younger wrestlers (19-21 and 22-25 years), large values of fatigue, while reducing the autonomy of the formation of action strategies.

Conclusions. Age-related deterioration of perception of visual information wrestlers older age group is shown in loss of productivity, efficiency and speed, compared with the wrestlers of younger age group (22-25 years). However, wrestlers older age groups with more experience, show the best qualities of accuracy of perception of visual information.


psychophysiological state; elite athletes; neurodynamic functions; balance of nervous processes; functional mobility of nervous processes


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