The humoral immunity state under conditions of additional vitaminization

F. F. Boiechko, L. O. Boiechko, N. F. Yeremeiva, I. V. Shmigol


Introduction. It goes without saying that the immune system is considered to be a very important regulator of the antigen resistance in the human body due to the ability of connection and neutralization of alien agents – antigens. The immune system is dealt both with the humoral and cellular chains. The main effectors of the humoral chain of the immunity are immunoglobulins which are considered to be specific proteins of the γ-globulin fraction of the blood plazm. These specific proteins form 20% of its mass. There are five classes of immunoglobulins which can be found in blood plazm: IgG, IgM, IgA, IgD, IgE. They provide the realization of the immunity protection. Each class of  immunoglobulins performs its specific function. Taking into consideration this fact we have learnt the influence of the multivitamin  complex “Undevit” on the content in liquids of the organism of the immunoglobulins of classes A, M, G. They provide the direct immune reaction of the organism in case of alien antigens invasion or prevent their invasion.

Methods. The learning of the humoral immunity indicators was done in the group of persons by their consent. They were 20-21 years old. The group of examined persons consisted of the third year students of Scientific and Educational Institute of Natural Sciences of Cherkasy National University and the third year cadets of the faculty of civil protection and management of Cherkasy Institute of Fire Safety named after Chornobyl Heroes of National University of Civil Protection of Ukraine. The examined persons took the multivitamin complex “Undevit” in quantities which corresponded to the upper boundary of the recommended norm of the twenty-four hours need. We as investigators followed the principles of the convention of the European Council “The protection of rights and dignity of people in the biomedicine”, ethic norms of the medical scientific investigations of human beings adopted by the 52-nd Assembly of the World medical association (2000). and the normatives of medical requirements.

The investigation scheme included:

  • the  formation of groups of the examined persons on the basis of the received indicators of the functional condition of the organism; 
  • the determination of the indicators of the humoral immunity under physiological conditions (before the loading by the multivitamin complex “Undevit”);
  • the determination of the indicators of the humoral immunity after 20 days of taking of the multivitamin complex “Undevit”.

Results. The influence of the additional immunization was learnt by means of the computer program. It gives prognosis and health classification by means of the technology “Valeocomp”. This program learns the current health condition and is based on the usage of the principles of the systematic and complex evaluation of the bioenergetic, adaptive and psychoemotional profiles based on 14 parameters. During the examination the registration of heart rhythms and amplitude of electric cardiosignals takes place. Under these conditions video acoustic control of data concerning certain systems of the organism is evaluated and analyzed

The results received after the examination were processed by the method of variation statistics by the program Excel with the usage of the Student criterion.

Conclusions And The Perspectives Of Further Investigations.

Our investigation shows that the multivitamin complex “Undevit”influences positively on certain indicators of the humoral immunity. It can be explained by the fact that the multivitamin complex “Undevit” contains a great number of vitamins which strengthen the exchange of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, they stimulate the processes of bioenergetics and contribute to the synthesis of  certain biologically active compounds. Thus, we have positive influence on the humoral immunity. It can be supposed that the usage of the multivitamin complex “Undevit” for the correction of the humoral immunity of students and cadets of higher educational establishments will make them healthy and will prevent the development of the pathological conditions.


humoral immunity; vitamins; vitamin complexes; metabolism of cage; metabolic disorders; contamination of environment


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