Shafran Leonyd Moyseevych - of the 80-year from a birthday

N. V. Makarenko, V. S. Lyzogub


The article is dedicated to the life and scientific work of the famous Ukrainian scientist – Shafran Leonyd Moyseevych


Shafran Leonyd Moyseevych; psychophysiology; hygiene


Kanep V.V., Slutsker D.S., Shafran L.M. (1980). Adaptation  of man in the extreme terms of environment. Ryha: «Zvayhzne». 184 p. (in Rus.)

Voytenko A.M.,  Shafran L.M. (1989). Hygiene of inhabited of maritime courts. K.: Zdorov"ya. – 136 p. (in Rus.)

Shafran L.M., Psyadlo E.M. (2008). Theory and practice of professional psyhophisiological selection of sea-folk. Odessa: Fenyks. 292 p. (in Rus.)

Shafran L.M. et al (2013). Psyhophysiological features of structure is professional important qualities of operators of AES / Ukrayins'kyy zhurnal z problem medytsyny pratsi.  3(36). P. 57-65. (in Rus.)

Shafran L., Golikova V., Zukow W. (2014). Psychophysiologic aspects of the problem of pirates activity in the world ocean as a kind of humanitarian crisis. Journal of Health Sciences. 4 (06). P. 119–126.

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