Bivalve molluscs of the family Cardiidae as a test-object for environmental monitoring in the North-West part of the Sea of Azov

I. A. Khaliman, V. V. Anistratenko


It was attempted to evaluate a suitability of using of bivalve molluscs populations of the family Cardiidae as monitoring test-objects of waters ecological condition in the North-West part of the Sea of Azov. It is revealed that molluscs of the family Cardiidae are index forms in all parts of studied basin area. The maximal value of an index of occurrence is marked in water area of the North-West part of the Sea of Azov; this parameter is up to 90 % in the Utljuk liman. In the Molochnyj liman occurrence varies depending on area from 67 % up to 100 %, the average index is about 80 %. An occurrence of cardiid molluscs varies not only in space, but also with a course of time. Also it was shown that some quantitative parameters of cardiids populations reflect the large-scale changes of benthic communities in the region. In the North-West part of the Sea of Azov during the period of 2008-2013 years a domination of the representatives of the genus Cerastoderma has been gaining ground. A gradual increasing of the importance of these molluscs in structure of benthos is reported also in the Molochnyj liman. Meanwhile the role of cardiids in the Utljuk liman has gradually decreased, that, in our opinion, is resulted to the general degradation of the reservoir studied


ecology; monitoring; bivalves; Cardiidae; the Sea of Azov


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