Interhemispheric differences of EEG delta-beta coupling of left-handers under performance of emotional Stroop test

Т. Kutsenko, A. Lozovska


There was investigated emotional Stroop effect in terms of responses of left-handers by both hands. Interference effect is better pronounced for the left hand than for the right one, indicating a greater involvement of the right hemisphere to the processing of emotional information. Repeated passage of the emotional Stroop test leads to reducing the effect of interference in men but not in women, which indicates that the brain of men as more lateralized directed to perform basic cognitive tasks while brain of women, hemispheres of which probably have more connections, remains on guard to negative emotional information. It is confirmed stronger EEG delta-beta coupling in the frontal parts of the cortex of subjects with low interference, indicating a stronger control of their top down system of attention. The novelty is that this interaction is best expressed in the frontal area of the left hemisphere, which reveals its role in cognitive control and indirectly confirms the information about the location of the centers of the language for most left-handed people in the left hemisphere.


Emotional Stroop effect; left-handedness; EEG delta-beta coupling


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