Vitality structure of cenopopulations Trapa natans L. s. l. in national natural park «Desnyansky-Starogutsky»

Iu. L. Skliar


For national natural park «Desnyasko-Starogutsky» the estimation of vital structure of cenopopulations Trapa natans, represented in the five associations of aquatic vegetation. For this species conducted morphometric analysis, accompanied by taking into account the 46 morphoparametrs. It is proved that among them a number of indicators that objectively indicate the level of vitality plants Trapa natans, belong to the values of the total leaf area, total number of leaves and the total mass of individuals. It is shown that in the territory of the environmental institution coenopopulations Trapa natans from different associations differ significantly vitality structure. Identified three types of quality cenopopulations: depressive, balanced and prosperous. It was found that among the surveyed habitats favorable conditions for Trapa natans formed under the association Trapeta natantis subpurum, and a leading role in the differentiation of plants Trapa natans in the level of vitality plays a factor in the water column. For the study area for cenopopulations Trapa natans defined parameters eco-coenotic optimum. It corresponds to the following set of criteria: the water column – 100 – 150 cm, the water stream – no, silty sediments, the total projective cover of aquatic vegetation does not exceed 70%, and the population density of individuals Trapa natans – 4 – 5 pcs./ m 2.


Trapa natans; vitality structure; cenopopulation; cenopopulations vitality; water plant communities


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