Synthesizing of discriminant models to assess the health of children depending on morphofunctional parameters of body

O. D. Svietlova


Introduction. The analysis of the children’s health state shows that the age distribution of the most rapid growth in health violations observed in the average school age. Thus, in this period the depth preventive medical examination is only for children 11 and 14 years, other pupils are deprived of such opportunity which makes it impossible to establish diagnoses in time and their corresponding correction of health.

Purpose. The aim of the present study was to find a method of determining the presence of chronic somatic diseases of children by functional indicators of the organism.

Methods. Comparison of the functional indicators in children with the presence and absence of chronic somatic diseases with the presence and absence of chronic somatic diseases were compared using Student’s t-test. The values were considered to be statistically reliable at p < 0,05. For nominal variables, the correlation was determined by correlation tables using the known Pearson's chi-squared test (c2). For the prediction of the chronic physical illnesses presence for pupils, we used discriminant analysis.

Results. Proved that there is a close relationship between health and functional abilities of the children: physical condition index (χ² = 12,21; p < 0,001), adaptive potential (χ² = 19,69; p < 0,001), double product index (χ² = 15,27; p < 0,001), changes to the standard exercises of heart rate and minute volume of blood circulation (respectively, χ² = 44,39, p < 0,001; χ² = 30,26, p < 0,001). After were found valid integrated features of pupil’s functional state, most informative indicative of the health of children. Are based on these functional parameters the classification functions have quite high specificity (84,93 – 90,99%) and sensitivity (75,76 – 80,56 %). Adequacy of mathematical models significant (F = 11,06 – 22,54) at the level p < 0,001.

Originality. The method of identifying children at "risk" appearance of chronic somatic diseases only functional parameters of the body.

Conclusion. In the absence of annual preventive medical examinations in terms of secondary schools, the use of the proposed classification functions help to find the detection of disease.

Propositions. The application submitted classification functions will help of planning health measures, which are suspend not to increase the incidence of the younger generation.


schoolchildren; middle school age; health status; functional status; mathematical model; illness


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