The temperature of representative areas of the thoracic autonomic nervous system as an indicator of the functional state of the human body

S. O. Goncharevskyi, M. U. Makarchyk, V. S. Martynyuk


Introduction. Almost all processes in the human body in one way or another are connected with the autonomic nervous system. That’s why it is possible to evaluate the functional state of the person by temperature characteristics of representative points of the autonomic nervous system. Location and information about this points are confirmed by fundamental research. However, simply measuring the temperature at some points may be insufficient to establish any systematic changes in the human body. Detection of such changes may require systematic assessment of interdependent significant relationships between these parameters.

Objective. The main aim of our research was to study impact of myocardial infarction on the thoracic region of the autonomic nervous system.

Methods. The temperature of representative areas of the thoracic autonomic nervous system was measured by infrared thermometer (Medisana FTO D-53340, with an accuracy of 0.1 degree Celsius). Statistical analysis was conducted by Statistics 10 statistical package.

Results. The presence of the difference in the temperature coefficients of representative areas (p <0,05) was found. The left side of the spine was characterized by the difference in Th1-Th5 segments, which confirms myocardial infarction diagnosis: Th1 – 0,93±1,12 (control) and -0,79±7,49 (experiment), Th2 - 1,57±1,12 and -0,48±6,70, Th3 - 1,58261±1,12325 and -0,66±3,36, Th4 - 0,85913± 0,92611 and -1,7±4,64, Th5 - 0,92348±0,75469 and-1,61±5,73 respectively.

For the right side of the thoracic spines: Th6 – 0,85±0,73 (control) and -0,79±7,49 (experiment), Th7 - -1,00±0,79 and -1,37±0,69, Th8 -  -0,96±0,73 and -0,99±0,68, Th9 - -0,12±0,64 and -0,38±0,83, Th10 - -0,92±1,14 and -1,03±1,00,  Th11 - -1,69±1,05 and -1,86±1,06, Th12- -1,65±1,15 and -1,96±1,12 respectively.

Originality. We found that myocardial infarction is manifested in the thoracic spine by the change of temperature coefficients. In the experimental group there was a significant difference of temperature in all segments. We have also noticed asymmetry of temperature between the right and the left side of the spine.

Conclusion. In the test group there is a deviation from the normal temperature in the first five thoracic segments on the left side, which confirms their diagnosis. On the right side of the spine there is a deviation in the last seven segments, which may indicate the compensatory mechanisms of the system regulation. We have observed the temperature asymmetry, which may represent inflammation processes that in long-term exposure can be significantly dangerous to the body.


autonomic nervous system; representative areas; temperature; heart attack


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